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Pet parents are always looking for the best things to please their furry friends. From the best collars to toys, everything needs to be covered. This also includes getting the best organic dog bed. 

Simply put, our organic dog beds are not only comfortable as they also offer a lot of support. After all, your dog needs a good place to sleep after he plays. 

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love Our Organic Dog Beds

#1: Made With Natural Latex:

One of the best things about our dog beds is that they are made with 100% natural latex. This means that your dog will not only have an incredibly comfortable bed as it is also safe. 

Our organic latex dog bed features an up to five higher density than regular latex. This will allow your dog to have a more restful sleep.

#2: Comfortable:

When you are looking to buy a latex foam dog bed, one of the most important aspects to consider is its comfort. And this is exactly what you get with our Pet Support Systems Organic Latex Orthopedic Dog Bed.

This latex dog bed is made of premium materials that offer not only comfort but also the right support for your dog. In fact, this eco-friendly dog bed doesn’t even need any extra layers. After all, it already comes with a beautiful and sturdy cover that is made of cotton denim and is water-resistant. In addition, your dog will also love the Sherpa fleece top surface which you can easily wash in the washing machine.

#3: Healthy Materials:

When you are looking for a bed for your dog, you want to make sure that it is made with healthy materials. After all, you don’t want to expose your dog to any environmental toxins. 

Our Pet Support Systems Organic Latex Orthopedic Dog Bed is made of natural latex which is a lot safer and healthier than polyurethane foam or synthetic memory foam dog beds. 

You can rest assured that our latex foam dog bed doesn’t release any harmful chemicals and there are no flame retardants added.

#4: Durable:

When you buy a new dog bed, you want to make sure that it lasts. And this is exactly what you get with the Pet Support Systems Organic Latex Orthopedic Dog Bed. It’s not by chance that it’s considered one of the best non-toxic dog beds. After all, our natural latex is 20x more durable than traditional bedding foams and you can expect it to last more than 10 years.

#5: Available In Different Sizes And Colors:

One of the best things about our organic dog bed is that it’s available in different sizes and colors. So, no matter if you have a big or small dog, you will find the right bed size for him. In addition, you may also pick your favorite color. You can buy this natural dog bed in brown denim w/ fleece, red denim w/ fleece, or blue w/ fleece.

By Jeff Kalatsky


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