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If your dog has arthritis, you are already trying to do everything to make him more comfortable. You already know that things won’t ever be the same again. He won’t greet you with his paws on you and he may even experience difficulty getting up. Besides, some other signs that your dog may have arthritis include reluctance to go up and downstairs and generally, a lethargy where you once had an active pooch.

Ways To Help Your Old Dog With Arthritis

While you probably already know that arthritis doesn’t have a cure, there are different treatments you can follow that can ease the pain of your furry friend. 

The sad truth is that a vast percentage of dogs tend o suffer from arthritis as they grow older. Sometimes it may be due to a ligament damage that hasn’t healed properly and other times it may be related to your dog’s breed. After all, some breeds are more predisposed to arthritis than others. Labs, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, these larger breeds are more prone to developing joint problems like arthritis. 

Ultimately, arthritis can be a very painful condition for your dog. So, here are some ways to help your dog:

#1: Exercise:

While you may immediately assume that exercise isn’t a good thing for a dog that suffers from arthritis, the truth is that it can be a great way to ease the pain. 

Notice that when we talk about exercise we are talking about gentle and moderate exercise to reduce both stiffness and pain. In case you don’t know, moving the joints actually produces synovial fluid which lubricates your pet’s joints.

Some examples of exercises you can consider include two to three 15-20 minute walks a day will be beneficial as well as swimming. If your dog likes to swim and you have a place for him to do so, swimming will help increase mobility too.

#2: Supplements And Medications:

In case your dog is in a lot of pain, then you should consider talking to your vet and ask him about supplements and medications that can ease the pain of your dog.

There are many prescription-strength NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatory) that may be suitable or you may find a combination of Omega 3 fish oil and glucosamine works well for your dog. 

#3: Supports:

It’s natural that your dog loves to jump into your couch or bed. However, if you notice that he suddenly hesitates to do so, it may be a sign that it hurts to land. So, if you want to let your dog doing these activities, you should consider adding some dog steps or ramps to help him. 

#4: Orthopedic Beds:

Orthopedic dog beds should also be considered if your dog suffers from arthritis. Ultimately, these beds will deliver the comfort and support your dog needs. He will be able to benefit from the extra cushioning and from the gel inserts for cooling inflamed joints.

By Jeff Kalatsky


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