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Dog Bed Reviews



"We needed an orthopedic bed for my dog who has hip/leg issues. It did take her a few days to warm up to the bed,lots of treats and bones were given to entice her to lay on it, but once she realized she can rest on this comfy bed she actually went to it and not the couch!.."



"My 170lb English Mastiff was snoring on this thing within 20 minutes. It's a perfect Mastiff/Dane bed. I measured the height, it is definitely 4", and the material (foam) is very dense; not cheap. It's worth the money, and better than most beds I've seen in the big box stores! I would recommend this bed for anyone with an XXL dog! :)"



"Three years later I had to order another one for my dog. Nothing wrong with the dog bed, he just tore it up while we had him in the crate and I guess he didn't like t hat!! But otherwise this bed is the only one that he likes to lay on typically."


V. Crosby

"My old companion was suddenly struck blind and was unable or unwilling to jump up on the sofa and bed. This mattress is low enough for him to easily step onto it and it supports his 89 pound hulk very well."


Tessy C.

"We have two girls crated in Kong crates. They come with their own pads, which aren't very thick, so we decided to replace them with better ones. Make sure that you follow the directions because I'm sure that you would be devastated if you ruined them. Rip them open by hand and let them sit in the middle of the floor to expand to their max size. The girls love and look very cozy on them. You can clearly see the difference in size between the thin mats that came with it vs the yummy ones that are in there now. Thank you for making an extraordinary product and our babies thank you two."



"I bought the XXL size for my 5 year old Bernese Mountain Dog. I've only had it a short time so far, but he seems to really like it and it's big enough for him which I was initially concerned about given his size (110 lbs and large). I feel good with him sleeping on this instead of his older thinning bed - it seems to cushion him very well. As a bonus I've caught my cat falling asleep on this many times!"



"I raise mastiffs and have 2 of these dog beds that have lasted over 8 years. They still are in excellent shape and the dogs love them! They also don’t get hot, so the dogs enjoy them year round!"



"Just received the bed 1 hr ago.. opened it and my 10 yr old boxer jumped on and layed down.. now, 10 mins later she is snoring! See pics."


Cathy Coleman Ryan

"My dog loves this bed and so do I! I have an 80 pound German shepherd. He has outgrown his baby; bed and he loves to stretch out on his new bed."


Michal Bidrman

"We have had two of these beds for a few months now and the quality of the foam is amazing. We have two Great Danes and these are their favorite beds to lounge on."



"It's been great! I have 2 danes and they love it! It's been durable. Going to purchase another one."


Lisa H

"We have purchased two of these beds and they have held up well. We have 2 great danes (the male is 150 lbs at 8 months old), a boxer and a GSD so these get some serious use. They have not lost their shape and have no sagging spots. Very pleased."




"Dog bed is great and holding up to my big dog and the cover is solid, have washed it twice and is in great shape."


J. Attaway


"Now this is a dog bed. Solid memory foam. Very nice cover that removes easy and washes nice. My old man likes it and that's all that matters to me. He is getting old and i wanted to do everything i could for his comfort."


Damien Heart


"Both of my Doberman puppies love their bed. Easy to clean. Perfectly packaged. As puppies grow bigger may get another for each to have their own."

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C. Mackie


"As stated in the package, the bed takes awhile to decompress - but our two dogs - 55lbs and 35lbs - love it. Keeps them off the couch."

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"I have 2 older small dogs that share the bed. They love it but do like a blanket on it to wrap up in."

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"Bought 2 - my dogs have never slept so well and they did not chew it! actually durable heavy denim - we are very happy."

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A Gottschald


"We have a St Bernard and although when it arrived we thought it would be too small he fits himself onto it he loves it."

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"I bought 2 beds for my labs, they go on them during the dayime.as well sleep on them all night.great buy, very happy."

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