The Best Dog Bed For Senior Dogs

The Best Dog Bed For Senior Dogs

There’s no question that dogs are incredibly loyal. So, when they grow older, pet parents do whatever they need to do to keep them as comfortable as possible. 

The truth is that senior dogs tend to suffer from hip dysplasia, sore muscles, and arthritic joints. This means that you ned to take some time to search for the best dog bed for senior dogs. 

How To Choose The Best Dog Bed For Senior Dogs

When you are looking for the best dog bed for senior dogs, the first thing you need to consider is comfort. 

As we mentioned above, the older your dog gets, the more aches and pains he feels. Therefore, you want to make sure that you get a dog bed that is made out of some sort of memory foam. The main reason is that this kind of material is able to deliver the right amount of support that your dog needs. Instead of a softer material that tends to become flatter over time, memory foam keeps its shape for a longer time. 

You should also look for a dog bed that includes a bolster. It’s pretty normal that your dog looks for extra support for his neck. So, a bolster will be perfect. 

Before you buy a new bed for senior dogs, you should also consider your dog’s favorite sleeping position. While some dogs prefer to sleep on their tummy with their chin on the floor, others prefer to curl up. But maybe your dog likes to sleep on his side. Depending on your dog’s favorite sleeping position, you may need a bigger or smaller dog bed. 

The Best Dog Bed For Senior Dogs – The Lucky Dog Bed

When you are looking to buy the best dog bed for senior dogs, you want to take a closer look at the Lucky Dog Bed.

The Lucky Dog Bed is an orthopedic dog bed designed to offer the support senior dogs need. Able to support up to 300 pounds, this dog bed features 7-inch gel memory foam. As we mentioned above, this is a great material to ensure that your dog is comfortable and fully supported when sleeping. The main difference between memory foam and gel memory foam is that the second one allows your dog to always be comfortable no matter the temperature. 

Featuring a comfortable bolster, the Lucky Dog Bed is available in three different sizes. This way, you can buy the right one for your senior dog no matter his favorite sleeping position. 

One of the best things about the Lucky Dog Bed is that it comes with water-resistant liners and a machine-washable removable cover. After all, accidents can happen. From weather damage to occasional spills, water won’t damage this dog bed. In addition, the Lucky Dog Bed also comes with a removable cover. The zippered fabric is not only durable as it is all soft. This ensures that your dog will love his new bed.