Top Dog Beds

Support your dogs bone structure and posture which helps to relieve pressure, ease arthritis pain, hip dysplasia issues, joint inflammation, and other ailments

Pet Support Systems pet beds are made with 20 years of mattress ingenuity, we have been making ultra luxury therapeutic memory foam dog owner beds for almost 20 years. Every bit of comfort and manufacturing technology that goes into our people beds also goes into our pet beds...WHY? Because just like you deserve the best so does your pet. These large handmade dog beds are built in the same workshop with the same materials as our people mattresses and are made to last for years of use just like our people mattresses. Most Amazon sellers use cheap imported foam that will break down fairly quickly, even though the cheap foams comes back to shape quickly may not be providing the support your dog needs. People can voice their complaints; dogs cannot so we must provide them with the best.


Lucky Dog Beds

The Lucky Dog Bed makes sense. How many $50-$100 dog beds will you buy for your for the buddy in their life??

You will only buy one Lucky Dog Bed...well, probably 2 because you'll want them in multiple locations. Why? Most dogs sleep between 16 and 21 hrs per day! Make an investment in your dog's quality of life, how could you not? Dogs are not complainers so you will never know if they are uncomfortable with their bed, they just do what they're told. What bed would you rather sleep on?



Better Than I Thought!!!! Well worth the money!!! It is super comfy and way bigger than I thought it would be. Seems to be made out of pretty good material.
Amazon Customer